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Making Skype Safe for Children with Skype Kids software

According to a great number of reports at present, children are becoming at risk of obtaining harmful information and experiencing unfortunate events through Skype. Both the parents and Skype cannot be blamed for these unwanted happenings. However, the parents should protect their children from the harm found on the web and improve internet safety for teens. Moreover, they should do precautionary measures to bring their children away from dangerous contents and encounters in the online world.




Below are some ways on how to handle Skype for Kids:

Allow Technology to Help Your Child

Technology is intended to make our lives easy and convenient in order to internet safety for teens. It is not for evil purposes. Furthermore, the outcomes of technology highly rely on one’s decision of how to utilize it. Have your child experience technology longer. You can use SuperTinTin to record and establish memories. SuperTinTin is Skype’s recording tool that allows you to record your video conversations and audio on Skype.

Help Your Child

Promoting awareness is vital for the safety of your children. Talk with your children and discuss with them the concepts about strangers and danger. Educate them about Skype for Kids. Tell them not to communicate with strangers. Moreover, teach them on the things that they need to do when a stranger attempts to contact them through Skype.

Change the privacy settings of your child’s Skype account. You can do this by logging in to Skype and then click “Tools”. After which, select “Options” and click “Privacy”. In this, you can already change the settings. It is better that you filter the people who can communicate with your child through Skype tracking.

 Create a password for your child’s account. Make this a long and unique one by combining various numbers, letters as well as symbols. Passwords serve as barricades to keep your children away from harm.

Put only few personal details about your child on his or her profile. Make it private as much as possible by leaving some information empty especially those that can be displayed in public.

Do Skype tracking regarding the activities of your children when they log in to Skype. Put your family computer in the living room or in any area of the house where your family usually stays. You really do not have to walk in every time your child receives an instant message.

Skype for Kids must be used as a means of communication with parents and friends. It should not be connected with negative things. Consequently, adhering to the aforementioned precautionary measures does not provide a total guarantee that your child is safe online. They just serve as protection for your child. However, it is best that you carry out Skype tracking for your children.

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